Business & Life Coaching

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Business & Life Coaching ensures your team grows in confidence and insight with our tailored leadership development tools. Empowering and uplifting your team to new levels.

Tell us what you wish to achieve in your business through our coaching techniques, we offer a first meeting assessment of your personal business needs.

Enneogram has been used in business management and spiritual growth for years. It is a powerful self-development tool and fosters insights into workplace dynamics.

business & life-coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, psychotherapist, psychology, addiction, abuse, mentoring, coaching, life coach, business coachBusiness & Life Coaching Techniques:

  • Individual Coaching sessions with Liz Potgieter, a certified Life, and Business Coach
  • Liz Potgieter is a qualified Psychotherapist 
  • On-site session, supporting you and your team in day to day activities
  • Management included sessions inviting their input and strategic goal setting, ensuring the company goals are agreed upon and achieved by the team
  • All Personal & Business Life Coaching sessions are confidential
  • Suggested Reading, DVDs, and various sporting activities are
    recommended to improve life purpose and aims
  • Creative thinking for leadership
  • Self-assessment tools, understanding who you are, value system,
    vision, and strategic planning
  • How to motivate, and empower your team


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